The last night in London

Nis 4, 2019 by


I’m going back to this marvellous big city
With memories in black and white on my own
Half a year later very busy
To come again for me is not easy

What I saw taught me new wisdom again
My eyes have fallen on every human
Colours adorn the streets of culture 
The earth seemed more beautiful to my eyes

But I saw many people on the street 
Taking painful steps, exhausted faces a lot
Everyone was like me
I could read in bodies various stories

I could see a lot of immigrant people
It’s like a flower garden
No one says I’m a foreign 
Frankly, that made me happy then

London is a very cosmopolitan city
If you don’t know English, not easy
Traffic rules are difficult at first
You need much money to rent a room, school fees, 
food costs, be careful

I have colourful dreams
I told those every day twice to the Thames
From the ground, I spoke to the skies
And prayed all the time

Maybe you know this too?
London, Ankara, Germany Berlin
No difference in the world certain
People are confused
Thirsty for love I mean

Şükran Günay

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